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creeping fig help. Please!

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I just bought a creeping fig from a local nursery here. I asked them if it had been treated with pesticides and she replied: I dont think so but im not 100% sure. My question is can I clean all of the soil off this plant then let it soak in water for an hour and very carefully clean the plant, then plant it in my terrarium? Thanks
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I did that with some of my creeping fig and it worked just fine. it's a pretty hardy plant, and is pretty hard to kill.
I did it too, and the plant has covered the entire background within a couple months and is supplying cuttings for my other setups.
Any trouble you could run into will happen early one as far as the plant is concerned. Make sure when you plant them that it gets plenty of light and water. Once new growth begins, you're good to go.
I make it a point to clean all the soil from plants I buy at the nursery as they use the white vermiculite-looking stuff which, to me, looks similarly to a dusted fruitfly. I'd hate to have one of my frogs think the same :wink:
Since I've already got the plant over the deep sink, why not also rinse down the foliage? Some shops put a spray on the leaves to make them more shiny...not sure whether this is harmful to herps but I prefer not to take the chance.
The white stuff is perlite, puffed volcaninc gases. It is often used to incubate reptile eggs, it is inert and if a frog did eat a small amount it most likely would not cause any harm. But better safe than sorry, get everything off, soil, perlite. If I buy plants from a place were it is likely they use fertilizers, I remove everything from the plant and let the roots soak in water for a day then give it another thorough rinsing. I have not had any problems. I try to buy from places like T & C or Black Jungle to be sure they don't have fertilizers on them.
creeping fig

A mild solotion of dishwashing soap, ( 1 tablespoon per gallon) to soak the plant in for about 5 or 6 min will usually breakdown any oil based sprays. Rinse the plant well in clean water, and then plant it. That shopuld help. Good luck
if I suspect chemicals, I ususally wash the plant repot it, and let it grow on its own for about 6 months, to make sure it is good to go. Then I trans plant it into the viv. This could be me being over paranoid, but it seems to work. Now of course, I wouldn't know if it is better than the previous mentioned methods, but I am afraid to find out.
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