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Creeping fig from cuttings?

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Can this be done? I have one plant that is just covering the back wall of my 29, and it would be nice to transplant some to other tanks.
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yep. i'm a little late on this one, but that stuff will propogate VERY nicely from cuttings, and you can probably find a lot of sections to cut from that have roots shooting out already. i have the stuff in my azureus tank and it's growing like mad, with roots jetting out all over the place. have fun!
yeah, i've been meaning to take a couple new pics of it. added some wild moss (and lots of creepy crawlies that rode in on that stuff! ;-) ) and, as you guessed, the fig and lemon button fern have really taken off.

I'll try to get a couple pics in tonite.

sorrythis took so damn long.

i finaly got fresh pictures of my tank (and some crappy ones of the frog itself) up. i can't believe how much everything has grown in the past few months. :)

hopefully soon i'll be starting a 65g display tank for a colony of terribilis, and a 10g vert for a trio of vents. :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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