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With so many marketing options comes the stress of determining which marketing strategies are right for your business. Consumers are familiar – and almost bored – with the most common forms of marketing like television and radio commercials, billboards and flyers. If you want to catch the eye of consumers, you are going to have to be creative when it comes to marketing strategies. Here are a few ways companies can creatively market to their consumers.

Stand out locally

Whether you are a “mom and pop shop,” or a worldwide corporation, you should always reach out to your local consumers to give off a more personal touch. Today’s society is all about creativity so companies should make their marketing tactics fit the area they are located. Word Stream gives a few ways companies can creatively market locally such as street chalk advertisements or commissioning a mural on the side of a prominent building. These tactics are sure to draw in consumers by making them feel that your company is part of the community.

Unique sponsorships

Do not be so quick to shut down the opportunity for a sponsorship just because it is not the familiar form of sponsorship like t-shirts or water bottles. The more unique your sponsorship is, the more likely consumers are going to take interest in your business. Sponsorships are a great way to advertise, especially if they stand out. Consumers expect the standard sponsorships and statistics show that they are not working like they used to. So do not be afraid to sponsor something that seems crazy because it might bring in the majority of your business.

Consumer involvement

Consumers love to feel special, and involving them in your business is a great way to make them feel special. Conduct contests that consumers can participate online or locally. Along with feeling special, consumers love to win free stuff, so make contests worthwhile for consumers. Once you start giving product away, consumers will ultimately refer business to you. Another way to involve consumers and keep them coming back is by rewarding them points for each purchase leading up to a reward. Statistics show that companies with reward programs retain more business than many companies who do not.

Affiliate marketing

You will not go wrong hiring a middleman (or affiliate) to help reach your marketing goals. Affiliate marketers help companies reach consumers they are not already reaching in creative ways.

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