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Who thinks this will be beneficial if something good comes out of it???

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bbrock said:
I think the setup has a lot to do with blue jeans reproduction. Put them in a large viv with a good misting system, hight quality water, and lots of tad rearing choices and they do fine.

I have a funny story (well to me at least). I have bred blue jeans in a ten gallon tank with no misting system and only one bromeliad. The water was changed once a week at best. I tried a 29 gallon with a sort of rain chamber and about 15 film canisters. This was setup for about a year and a half and that didn't work. I switched them to the ten gallon setup about 3 months before I left my position at the animal lab and by the time I left (literally the week I left) they had successfully raised two tads to metamorphosis.
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