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couple retics

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John R.
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Agreed... in fact, you've become a great wallpaper for the close of the week (I change my wallpaper all the time).

I love the deep cherry red on some retics, as opposed to a more orange-ish crest/back I've seen from several "lines"

If you had froglets I'd be on the list (or, hint hint, you could plug the person you got them from so I can get on his/her list).

Greetings All,

Thanks for the compliments. They really stand out against the greenery in their homes. I have photos of the three retic vivs on the gallery.

This group was obtained from Phil Tan at NWFF '04. Phil is a great guy with great frogs. I think he got this "line" from Patrick. I have been fortunate enough to now have tads in the water. No froglets yet. The tads are coloring nicely. I am seeking another female(s). If anyone has any extras please contact me.

John R.
Those guys/glas are awesome looking. Really the only thumbnail that is on my must have list.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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