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If you think Patricias and Powderblues should be separated, Alanis and Inferalanis should be kept separated. They were collected in two completely different locales. Inferalanis are a much larger animal and though subtle, the colors and patterns are noticeably different. It's hard to see unless you are looking at them side by side, which I was able to do when I got my Inferalanis. The problem is that so many people are just lumping them together with Alanis the lines are slowly getting muddled which I think is a shame. Same thing goes for Oelemarie, yes they look a lot like standard Alanis but there are differences that I for one would like kept separate. If I ever lose my WC pair I'd like to know that I can find true Inferalanis, but at this point it is going to be difficult because so many people insisted they were the same thing because they look very similar. I know of many people that have descendents of my Inferalanis that bought them as Alanis or now are simply calling them Alanis.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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