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coolest tinc

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what tinc do you think has the best colors????
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I really like the cobalts (any of them Suriname, Brazil or dwarf), I also like the (infer)Alanis (anyone know what the difference is?


i really like the cayenne
cayenne pic

heres a cayenne pic
I've never seen them in person, but I like the cobalts, the alanis are also cool.
Just my personal taste, I don't like the washed out, pastel looking ones(patricia).
On a side note though, I had never liked any of the auratus, until I'd seen in person the ones I have now.
Anyone else ever had that happen?
My favorite tinc would have to be the lime green sip's. Though I find all tincs beautiful, I think the sip's are the the prettiest. I'm also highly partial to the bakhuis form.

-Bill J.

my new fav is the weygoldt
regina..oh yeah.. 8) and lime green sip and patricia and citronella... powder blue is also nice...
(infer)Alanis (anyone know what the difference is?

I've been told all kinds of things on that subject. But I think regular alanis have less yellow and it is not as bright. Infers have more yellow and it sometimes stays bright yellow all the way down to their feet, where in alanis, the markings tend to look whiter by the feet. That's just what I've seen in pictures. But then I bought some "inferalanis" who are pretty much in between those two descriptions so I don't know what they are. So in my opinion, they are all alanis, they just vary like cobalts do.

Oh, and my fav. tincs are Surinam and Brazilian cobalts :)
I have heard that the InferAlanis are bigger than Alanis when they reach adult size

i think the lorenzos are positiviley ugly
Oh yeah, why dont you hybridize them with some sips then will you be happy?
I love the cobalt varieties as well. However since you as for the one I like the best I would have to say Regina or Giant Orange top the list. That high contrast of yellow and black is awesome. Next up would be Citronellas. I find all tincs are nice. However the washed out ones are not my favorite, but every time I see them in person I get enamored as with all pdf's.

I must say that Lorenzo's are probably my favorite, but I am also partial to Brazilian Yellowheads.

Personally I believe the Oyapoks are very nice looking.

If you think Patricias and Powderblues should be separated, Alanis and Inferalanis should be kept separated. They were collected in two completely different locales. Inferalanis are a much larger animal and though subtle, the colors and patterns are noticeably different. It's hard to see unless you are looking at them side by side, which I was able to do when I got my Inferalanis. The problem is that so many people are just lumping them together with Alanis the lines are slowly getting muddled which I think is a shame. Same thing goes for Oelemarie, yes they look a lot like standard Alanis but there are differences that I for one would like kept separate. If I ever lose my WC pair I'd like to know that I can find true Inferalanis, but at this point it is going to be difficult because so many people insisted they were the same thing because they look very similar. I know of many people that have descendents of my Inferalanis that bought them as Alanis or now are simply calling them Alanis.
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i think oyopaks are the coolest 8) .
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rmelancon said:
I know of many people that have descendents of my Inferalanis that bought them as Alanis or now are simply calling them Alanis.
Thanks, Robb, that clears up my question about what I have :D . I sure thought they looked like "infers" although I was told they were just Alanis. I really think that these lines are now likely quite muddied in the hobby, as you say, because so many people use the terms interchangably. I guess our one saving grace is their relatively new establishment in the hobby and the small community we have.

As for my favorite tincs . . . hmm, that's tough, but I'll put in a few because I'm a tinc fanatic. I really like my New Rivers and Inferalanis; oh, and Brazilian cobalts are NICE (especially the ones Adam Butt has--very high yellow/orange--incredible!).

I have seen the lime green sips in person, and they are pretty cool. I have always wanted to see some of the lorenzo's in person, as I think the pics look nice. Additionally, I have wanted to see some Reginas next to some Giant Orange to see what the actual difference is. Anyone with any insight there?
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I like all of them, but my favorites would have to be:

Cobalts (love that blue and yellow)
Pallid (white and blue rocks too)
Bakhuis (lovely bluish-gray legs)
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