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I know this is a frog forum, but I know some people here grow orchids as well. I'm looking to bounce this idea off a few people because though I think it could work I'm not totally sure of it.

I've always wanted to try to grow C-I Pleurothallids and Oxyglossum Dens. like Den. cuthbertsonii, but there's no way I could do it in my current conditions. Living in Louisiana, it's next to impossible to grow anything much cooler than I-W.

I was talking to a northern vendor at a local show, and she told me she'd heard of people growing cool growers in florist fridges and installing lights strong enough for the plants to grow. This got me thinking. At this point, I have no room for a huge florist fridge or money for that matter...

It hit me that maybe I could use a thermoelectric wine chiller to keep my temps down. Depending on the model, these keep temps anywhere between the upper 60s to the mid 40s. I could do this by manually changing the temp depending on the time of day or by setting the unit on a timer to kick on when the lights go out.

I'd light it by mounting high powered LEDs similar to those in the reef tank industry. These are very powerful and put out very little heat.

What I don't know is how the chiller unit would hold up to the humidity/ water for misting for these plants and also if air is circulated by the unit. Also, would the unit be affected by the timer turning it on and off each day? (Would it be better just always plugged in?) I'm just in the thinking/ research stage at this point. I'd love to hear everyone's input on this both positive or negative.

This idea might be totally farfetched and impossible to achieve. If you guys think that's true, let me know, so I don't waste time trying to figure that out myself. If you have other suggestions for cooling a tank set up, those are welcome as well."
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