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I found this light fixture at a thrift store and I got it for $2.50 :D
It has two fluorescent sockets and two ceramic incandescent sockets.
On the side it has screws and nuts and I'm goung to mount a bracket to I can adjust it easily
It is actuallt a growing fixture by Park Seed Co.
The ballast needs to be replaced also needs some new paint lol
I'm wanting to use it for my verts I'm working on but I want to convert it to use HO bulbs.
Here is the problem I'm having....
I'm using this for geckos and tree frogs...
I need to have a full spectrum bulb for the geckos or so I've been told

So.......will I need 2 fluoresant bulbs or can I get one to do the job?
I could just use 1 for full spectrum and the other for a HO bulb....well idk cause it would take a different balast...I could use 2 different ballast?
Then I can use the two ceramics sockets and put in some compact fluoresants or those LED bulbs?
Also I need know what color to paint the bulb side to make it reflect the best..paint itmettalic silver or bright white?
Any ideas??

I've tried talking to the light guy at Lowes and Home Depot but they aren't that bright lol


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