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I know most advise against it for the beginner, but I really enjoy planning them, and they look sick. I want a waterfall, and hopefully a small pond with a couple RCS in it. I want the waterfall about 12" up my tank, so what type of pump should I be shooting for here? I was planning on using a 4" drain pipe, covering it with gs so that it wasn't noticeable, then just having the water come out the top where I want it to via a submersible pump. I would obviously have smaller vinyl tube that attaches to the pump iteslf, the 4" drain pipe is just for easy access. Also, what should I make the actual water feature out of? Could I just cover teh drain pipe with gs, then carve out where I want the water to flow? Should I put gravel at the bottom of the waterfall, or can it just flow through the substrate? I have a nice rock that would work perfectly for the top of the waterfall, but would gs be able to hold it up? I also have one the exo-terra mini foggers lying around, so can it be used in moving water, or does the water have to be stagnant?

For the pond, how would I do it correctly? Just cut out the eggcrate where I want it, then separate the substrate with something? Could I just use great stuff to separate it also, then just leave a small space open in the vertical egg crate ledge so that the water in the pond circulates through the false flooring?

TIA for the help
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