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Just to summarize what everyone has been talking about...
So what is the current popular opinion on compact fluorescent lighting? I have a few old tanks that I wanted to set up (with only plants), and I wanted the best lighting for their growth-- I'm trying my luck with some orchids agian. Where is the cheapest place for cf lighting, and which is the best for the money?

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compact flourescent lighting (aka pc's = power compacts) is great! there's so many options for it, it's rediculous. there are lots of great complete system, as well as many high quality retrofits that are pretty darn easy to work with. it depends on if you want to do something custom made, or pre-packaged.

either way, try
or <-- they're having a sale on coralife aqualights with 6700k bulbs. pretty unbeatable deal.
what size tanks are you looking to set up? maybe i can help you more specifically.

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Well I'm redoing all the tanks I have around the apartment and doing plants for it. I have two 90 gallons, one custom tank that's around 100 gallons (split in half), and a 15 gallon that I'm currently working on. All are displays and something I'd like the bright lights for. I remember a friend saying there were some compact fluorescents that were MUCH cheaper than AH supply, but I can't remember where he said.

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I like the compacts. For best efficiency, go with 55w or higher.
I would really like to try the T5 high output bulbs. They are single tubes 5/8 inch in diamater, and are a little more efficient than the double tube compacts. Plus the reflectors are only 2" wide. Bulb choices are kind of limited for now though.
a couple of places to explore for bulbs: ... tbulbs.htm
Every now and then Ebay has some good deals on high tech lights if you know where to look: ... ngItemList
Have fun!
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