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This isn't really a dart frog question, but I thought you guys may be able to help. I have an 18g via aqua reef tank that came with a 36 watt cf fixture.
About a month ago the lights started coming in intermitently(sp?), sometimes just the acentic and sometimes just the regular, or none at all. I thought this was just the bulbs, as they had been used for about two years, and I purchased some new ones. I put the new ones in and they seemed to work-for about one or two days. Then the same thing started happening. I thought, again, that I had some bad bulbs, and exchanged them. And again I have the same problems.
It seems that when I dissemble everything and take the bulbs out and then put them back, they will work for a little bit, but then they always stop.
I did have a ballast issue a year and a half ago, but I exchanged the ballast, and since the lights do work, when I first put them in, I don't think that the problem is with the ballast.
There has been some salt spray that gets on the light housing, but they are fully enclosed.
I just don't know how to proceed, and I don't want to have to buy a whole new set up.
Any ideas? Thougts?

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Just a thought... maybe the connections at the pins?? Check to be sure they are tight.

Also, PC light bulbs should be changed every year. Even though they still work the spectrum changes. This is more important in reef tanks were algae groth is a concern.

Good luck!
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