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okay so i have a column fishtank that i am considering adapting into a dart viv, it's about four feet tall five with the stand and is a corner column any ideas at the moment i have no idea the type of darts i would put in there i want to get some ideas on what i can do before i decide on the type of frogs and go from their. i'll post pics and size as soon as i can but the tank is in the garage at my moms hose so it will have to wait until after finals
any suggestions?
reasons why it might not work?

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How will the Tank be displayed?
Single sided or Multiple Sides Seen?

What type of Lighting?

What type of hood, Commercial or Homemade?

Are you positive you want PDFs or open for Other Types of animals?

This is kinda like asking do i get a blue or red car?

As for what I would do with the Tank...
First decide what I want in the Tank
Select appropriate environment and select appropriate accessories.
Second decide where it will sit and see how many sides I would want to see. Making sure there is an electrical outlet close by

I would see if I could remove one side and Convert it to a side opening tank..Much easier to feed and clean viewing surfaces unless your a 8 ft person..I hate standing on ladders to reach into a tank. I hate having to remove a hood to access a tank. Also make designing the tank easier

Since it has a stand I would see if it could be drilled for bottom drain.
Hide all wiring and hardware inside stand.

I would build my own hood and use Multiple 6500K CFL bulbs to light with.
I would Screen off the Top to prevent animals from getting up into the hood.
I would install a misting system and a external fogger.
I would opt for a Small Blue Light inside for Night time.
I would run it all on a digital timer..automation is fantastic.
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