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I think what you all have done so far is a wonderful tutorial, but I have done it slightly differently.

Now I'm aware of three types of hobbyists:

1. very responsible hobbyists who check fecals on a relatively frequent basis (?? 6mo.-1yr.)
2. There are also some who test only after stressful events like changing enclosures.
3. Then there is those who don't consider it an option until there is a visible issue.

I think it would be important to put a note on the difference between these as in my experience the first two you can sample from right in the tank, but the last one you should quarantine individuals and sample feces select from each frog.

Also, I have been told to send my samples inside a film canister (closed top) lightly wrapped in moist paper towel. This prevents drying of the feces in transit and also keeps the feces intact whereas the paper towel sample in a plastic bag may smear the poo so to speak :p

Due to the price associated with sampling, large collections can be quite a cost as well so I believe there should be a recommendation as to frequency of testing maybe? Some people probably just say look healthy are healthy.

I bow my head to those with more experience now to tell me what they think!
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