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Coco fibre baking technique????????

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For how long and what temperature should i bake my coco fibre at????????? :?:
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I wouldn't bake coco fiber. All I see is a coco fiber flash bang going off. Boil it in water if you want to treat it.
If you are baking it to dry it out, I would say about 200, and just keep an eye on it.
I think he wants to dry it for a background, am I right? I baked coco bedding before, thin layers in cookie sheets worked best for me. It dries pretty quick and I had the temp up pretty high.
yeah its for my background. So i was just wondering. thanks for all the input
I baked mine in large cookie trays at 350F for a hour or two. Every 30min you should mix it a bit as the top dries out but the bottom does not. The thinner the layer on the cookie trays, the faster it will dry, I wouldn't put more than 1" of coco at a time, it will take a long time to dry out.

I did mine in short increments at 240. Worked out quite well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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