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I would NOT use either of those chemicals on a tank that I planed on using to house animals.

If you are just concerned about clearing up the acrylic there are several “polishes” that do a great job and are much less harmful to you, your animals and the environment. If you need any help finding one just email me.


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C.L.R. and Lime-Away are acids. I have used both often to clean up old aquariums prior to converting them to terrariums, but I was always careful to nuetralize the acid after cleaning with a base. The cheapest most effective base you can use is baking soda. Rinse out well, and rinse again, and when you think you have rinsed enough, rinse it two more times. For routine deposit cleaning off of deposits on the from of my vivariums I use lemon juice or vinegar on a paper towel, wiping with water afterwords. I have never used acrylic so I don't know what effect acid has on acrylic. These are just my experiences, your milage may vary
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