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Well I don’t know if you can put raw clay in your tank (I think it would erode pretty fast and make a big mess for when you try to change the water, as well as build up on the bottom of your tank in a slimy mess) but I do use clay balls so I would think fired clay would be fine, I know here in my area there is a pottery place that has lessons, slip cast stuff, clay and glaze sales ect and you can take your own stuff in there to get fired and its not that expensive, (look in the phone book there could be something like that near you) , if you do this and don’t know much about clay I would talk to them a bit before building stuff, for instance you cant have air bubbles in it or it can explode :shock: ....
Good luck
(PS working with clay is soooooo much fun so if you can find a place near you dig in and have some fun 8) )
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