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Just a couple of quick clay questions. I made my first clay background with sodium bentonite, iron oxide for color, water, and ground sphag moss. It's holding together well and has springs living in it. There's a ton of shroom like growth but not much else.

1. What is the point of adding redart clay to the bentonite clay? Is this just for color or is there an actual advantage?

2. when it comes to clay based substrate I've read a few recipes. It seems the two major advantages are calcium intake and microfauna growth. However, as I seen in pumilios post you can buy powdered calcium supplement and add it to regular sodium bentonite. Does this yield the same results as buying the much more expensive calcium bentonite? My microfauna loves the abg mix I use so if it does yield the same results is it logical to think that I can just use the powdered supplement to spike that abg mix and get the same results?
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