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Can these guys hurt themselves? Since I went to a much larger Leucomela likes to climb to the top of the cork bark..turn around..and leap over a foot down onto the plants...then he'll go right back up and do it again..At first I thought this behavior was an accidental...but he seems to like it and will do it over and over again...Maybe he is just enjoying all the new space he has, but I don't know!!!
Weird little guy...wants to be a circus frog!
On the climb back up to do it again:

You can see him heading up..right side on the ivy leaf, behind the seam: He goes to the top..then..Ahhhh.. jumps off! It is really
cool to watch! Hope he dosen't hurt himself...but if joining the
circus is the career path he has chosen...I support him!!!

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Yea, my Azureus do it from time to time too. If you just put them in a new enclosure, rearanged it or moved some plants around, that would probably be the cause.
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