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Cincinnati area...

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Hi, I live in the Cincinnati area, Oxford area more specifically. My husband (soon to be ex) used to frequent this board when he was actively caring for and breeding frogs. I completely understand how these boards work... and I realize I might just have my post deleted... but I now have a lot of leftover frog stuff here than will not be picked up. I have two tanks... fly breeding stuff... etc etc etc etc! :eek:
I have posted on craigslist and have not been able to sell anything at all. I can't possibly just give it all away because I am having some serious financial issues and I know how much money went into all the stuff. The frogs really were beautiful!

I am not asking anyone here to buy the stuff. But does anyone know of an easy way to sell the stuff besides craigslist? I would happily post 25 times here, but honestly I don't have the time right now and also, that is totally cheating. I have had the stuff here for months with no luck, I thought perhaps I would come here and see if I could get any ideas. Thanks so much and sorry for the post.
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Do you have to be a member for a certain amount of time in order to send messages to people?
Tried to find it on craigslist.. what is it listed as? I am not too far from cincy.
Its under general for sale, listed as Aquariums and Supplies
I also looked and could not find it... if you post a link here to the Craig's List ad, you might find a buyer.
I did take some time to take a few more pics than are in the listing, I can email them
How big are the tanks with the front opening doors? I know someone who might be interested.
They are 18x18 and 24 high.
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