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Thanks for the comps guys!

The lower left tank is some moss I dug from a front yard (I know, Cardinal sin) and the other two are Java Moss.

My lighting is all LED. I use both the Ecoxotic Stunners and Current True Lumen. I like the True Lumens better. The cubes are lit by a Marineland LED. Forgot its name. Don't like that so much. Makes things look yellow. I'm using mostly orchids in my vivs. They grow so slow it's a little hard for me to gauge plant growth rates.

Now for what all you guys were waiting for.

New River
Giant Orange
Regina - EU and Nabors
Sip Valley Cobalt <---The best tinctorius morph. Hands down. Don't argue with me.

El Cope
Giant Blue
Super Blue

imie Varadero

bassleri Sisa

I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

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And pics! Lots of!


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