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I will say this. I have had tincs and currently have a group of 5 yellow Terribilis. I LOVE ME TERIIBILIS!!!

They are extremely bold. When I feed them flies, they sometimes try and jump into the cup I am pouring the flies out of. (they are well fed, it isnt a hungry attack thing.

When I stick my head in there to look at the plants, or to see if a brom is sending off a new plant, sometimes my head will be within like 6 inches of them and they just boldy stare at me as if challenging me to touch them. (silly guys probably think they have all this powerful poison on them... little do they know).

Anyway, some tincs can be shy, so I would say if your primary motive is to get bold, your safest bet would be Terribilis. And one other factor, tincs are usually a pair, where as teribs can do well in groups.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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