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"Yellow Belly" pumilio was a phenotypic name given to a single 2006 importation of these into FLA that were bought up by Johnny Machiato [This Island Herp] and resold. I have 4 of the originals as did a number of locals to New England where Johnny lived.

Johnny is no longer in the frog hobby.

LATER, a number of importations of "Cayo de Aqua" came into the US.

Rich Frye I believe commented at the time that 'again' they were being sight named [not site named].

Sorta like the fake Bri Bri of 2011, aka red 'El Dorado'. Whatever 'sells' the frog.....

doesnt mean they arent 'Cayo de Aqua' but then again....who's to say
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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