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Any species of lowland Nepenthes will thrive in a vivarium. Just make sure you research which species you are getting, making sure that it will stay relatively small.

There was a debate a while back regarding frogs getting "eaten" by these plants. My imitators frequent Nepenthes rafflesiana pitchers for cover...maybe I am more risky than others, but I really do not see any need for concern. With full grown azureus you would never have a problem.

Also, tropical Utricularias (bladderworts) grow like weeds in marshy areas of the vivarium. They like strong light and waterlogged conditions. Many have tiny, orchid-like flowers. Check out the exchange area of Those nice folks sent me an entire starter collection of Utrics for the cost of postage. There are some epiphytic species which I have never come across.

There is a Heliamphora hybrid (heterodoxa x minor?) and species that reportedly does well in a more lowland climate than most.

Some Pinguiculas and Drosera are tropical as well, but every time I have tried them, the frogs end up trampling them. They might be a good choice for an aboreal thumbnail species vivarium where the frogs will leave them alone.

If you come across it, pick up The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato. The book is a valuable resource and has stunning photos.

Just remember, stay away from anything that will require a dormancy, which, unfortunately negates most CP's.

Personally, I like plants I can keep in a glass box and mist, especially when you live in a desert.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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