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Ok this section is for the creation and discussion of care sheets. Some of my initial thoughts are:

1. Give credit where credit is due!
2. Keep it peaceful as I am betting some of these discusses could get heated.
3. For any pictures I would like to get them hosted on the site separate from someones gallery so if your willing to offer up pictures for a guide please let me know and we can work out where to put them. I would not want someone accidentally removing a pic and then lose it from a care sheet.
4. Use the current care sheets as a guide and I will get a species example we can talk about up soon.

Remember this section is hidden to everyone other than mods and members of the "care sheet" group. So no worries about being wrong or offering up a out of the box idea.

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I was going to update a few posted care sheets, but I am finding it difficult to edit them.

It would help if we could get the "posted" care sheets also posted in the creation area. If I copy/paste the format does not follow. I find that the the formats of the creation area are way off.

One way to do this is to allow people (creators) to "quote" the posted care sheet and then copy. This way all code can be copied. I would be more than willing to go through and get the proper format back on to the creation area.

For instance:

Here is the current format for references.

[ASN quarantine and testing protocols]

Jason Smith (Jason) Main Author
Kyle (kyle1745)
Shawn Harrington, MD (sports_doc)
David Frye, DVM
Rich Frye

Many of the posts in the creation area are showing it as:

Photo summited by Understory Enterprises (c) 2006
(1) AMNH Amphibian Species of the World, 4.0, an Online Reference
(2) Dendrobates fantasticus species profile
(3) Herpetologic INIBICO imports
(4) Tor Linbo's D. fantasticus species profile

Corey Wickliffe (KeroKero) content
Mark Pepper (UE photos and information)
Kyle Kopp (kyle1745) photos

This was taken from
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