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This weekend was full of activity. I got to see Deadpool 2, had a blast helping out at my shelter's annual giant fundraiser event (I got to take my pride and joy with me for maximum fun), received a pair of kayaks as a gift, found out that my brother was approved for parole in October, and made some good progress on one of my current builds. My puppy also got introduced to swimming, and she LOVES it. I'm pleased to have a water dog after years of keeping landlubbers. I have to keep reminding myself that she's only 10 months old, because she's so good most of the time that I forget...until she has a puppy moment...

My big guy had a great time at the fundraiser, and I got to watch him bolt full speed for the target in the lure course. He's such a great dog. Someone had dumped him, probably due to his having an immune condition that they didn't want to deal with. When he came home with me, he was already potty trained, never chewed anything of value, and has gotten along great with every person and dog he has ever met. He's such a catch. He's been the easiest dog I have ever had so far. It's a joy to take him out in public.

All of this made for such a great time that it was easy to overlook the NINE orchids my puppy decided to chew yesterday. :rolleyes:

Whatever. I'm going kayaking this weekend!
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