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Can two auratus males live toghter

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So last febuari en got my two auratuses both around 8 months old.There in a 60x40x40 in cm. A week or 6 ago i notice the first calling, but they are very skittich so i coulnd see who whas calling. Since two last week they are alot bolder en in the open alot. I saw one calling so far, last week i notice a little wrestle one whas on top of the other en the one at the bottom start to jump with the other on top of him. After 3 seconds they split up en both start looking for food again.
Both are eating good, hopping around looking for food en i dont see one any stress at one of them. They also like to sit at the same place during the middle off the day.
Do I need to be concern about it?
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Auratus typically do well in groups and I've never experienced any kind of long term aggression with them. Keep an eye out, but it sounds like it was an isolated incident. I can't stress how important it is to keep an eye out for any signs of stress. We may only catch a few seconds of aggression, but there can be aggressive moments and bullying we don't see. Just make sure both are eating, no one is hiding away for long periods of time, and that any moments of aggression don't happen frequently and don't last longer than a few seconds.
Yeah i will keep a eye out en make sure they both eat good. From what i notice no one is hiding from one a other en walk by each other alot without anything happens.
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