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a cracked side panel in a glass tank. I have this 20 H layin aroun that ifigure i could mut to use if i fimed the glass. Now im assuming i pull the the top casing off and then just cut the silcone and pull the glass out and silicone a new piece it this simple or is there more to it? thanks a lot.


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To be honest, it would probably cost you more for the piece of replacement glass than to buy a new tank. Petsmart has 20 gallon longs for $20. If you want to fix the tank the cheap way, you can do it by this method *as long as the crack ends at an edge*.

Take some pieces of scrap glass. If you plan on using it as an aquarium again, then it has to be the same thickness as the pane. If not, it can probably be thinner. Cut the scrap glass to the size where it overlaps the crack by about 1" on each side. Slather the scrap with silicone, and then seal it to the fracture. Make sure that the entire length of the crack is covered.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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