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Can snails be good in the vivarium?

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Is there is specie of snail which can be placed in the viv to assist in the clean up? detrius cleaners?
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I think most snails will eat living plants also. (could be wrong though)

You may want to try some isopods (pill bugs, rolly pollies, ect.)
Snails are generally not a good thing to have in a viv. There have been some to report snails eating the eggs. So to add a bug for "clean-up" add earthworms or as previously mentioned pill bugs.

Malaysian trumpet snail these are aquatic snails that live in gravel they don't eat plants. Not sure how they would do in a vivarium. Very hardy and one of the smallest snails I have seen with a shell. Very productive.
Hey Steven - Who would stock this type of snail?
The land type are bad! They will eat eggs. I have seen it or at least I have killed them on clutches and they are really hard to get rid of once established in the enclosure. They eat delicate plants too.
I'd use pill bugs and/or earthworms. Snails eat eggs and carry parasites and diseases.
This is true about the parasite-snail relationship. Snails serve as the intermediate host for a HUGE variety of parasites, many of which will infect a frog.
Hello again;
I guess its garlic time for those buggers. No snails for me. thanks for all your help.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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