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i was recently looking around in dendroboard about mosses and found out that it can be ok to get outside moss and plant in a vivarium as long as you sterilize it by drying it and CO2 bombing it. they're is a creek by my house with tons of patches of moss and decided to get samples of them. the problem is i dont know what kind of moss is it lol so i took pictures in hope anyone could help me to find out more information about them and if they're good for a viv or not.
i took them out of greyish mud but i also saw them growing on limestone.

when i made my vivarium i first planted sphagnum moss but it never grew or anything so the floor of the viv is just brown and ugly.

would the moss be good for having it on the floor of the viv over the dead sphagnum moss? or can i put it around the tree barks and cocohuts in the vivarium? thank you for the help guys :)


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