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Can anyone I.D. this bromelaid for me?

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I got this at my local garden center a few days ago, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a specific species. It was just marked as "4 inch Bromelaid." Thank you!

Link to Photos in case they don't show up:
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Your photos dont work.

In addition there are literally thousands of species/hybrids of Bromeliads across MANY different genera. And many of the HYBRIDS look very similar to one another.

Id say the best that can be done is get the correct genus once you fix the photos.

Im sure Antone and several others will chime in and back this post up as well.

Ahh okay.

Thats a Guzmania. Beyond that I could not begin to tell you which cultivar.
In addition, Im not sure if this is mentioned much.
On the note of cultivars AKA Hybrids or specific named forms of a species.
On hybrid cultivars what happens is when the hybridization of species x crossed to species e is successful it is then referred to as the grex.
Many of the individual seedlings in the grex will look similar.
Usually only a handfull of these seedlings receive registered cultivar names
Therefore just because it may look like a specific hybrid it may not be that specific cultivar.

I may have some of the terms a little bit off but the basic explanation I gave here is correct.

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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