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Actually there should be better absorbtion via the digestive tract as opposed to the skin as the digestive route is adapted for this purpose. With regards to vitamins I am unaware of any factor that limits the uptake via either the digestive or other route. If this were the case then we would not see toxicity due to overdosing as the animal would not absorb the excess vitamin.

You would need a supply of a readily dissolved calcium salt as calcium carbonate is pretty insoluable. I would suggest trying calcium gluconate.
However one of the items to keep in mind here is that you are not going to be supplementing anything other than calcium (remember D3 is needed to metabolize calcium) and that you are going to stress the animals by dripping a calcium solution on the animals.
It is easier to alternate a calcium carbonate dust with a vitamin supplement on the insects if you are worried about a calcium deficiencies.

That said, I have used calcium gluconate drops on animal that have shown symptoms of calcium deficency such as rigor brought on by stress.

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