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I have an opportunity to pick up some rare captive-bred Caatinga Horned Frogs (Ceratophrys joazeirensis), which is a small variety of Ceratophrys from Brazil (adult size 4-4.5 inches). If anyone is interested in getting one to three froglets, send me a PM and I'll order extra. Here are photos sent by the breeder. They exhibit quite a variety of patterns in the wild populations, so froglets with different patterns can come from the same clutch. Furthermore, young froglets can change color to match its surroundings rather quickly. Once they settle in, their coloration becomes fixed.

Pricing will vary depending on how many I can order, but will likely be between $60 and $70 each. If I don't have enough interest to purchase at least 10, it won't be cost effective and I'll probably just buy a couple for myself. Please send me a PM if interested.

Caatinga 2.jpg Caatinga 1.jpg
Caatinga 3.jpg Caatinga 4.jpg
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