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Bumps on dart frogs belly

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Please help I may be going crazy but I have never noticed theses bumps on my frogs belly and my other frog looks fine. She is active and still eating but the bumps look concerning dose anyone know what this could be from.
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They get along great they are two females and there is never any food scarcity and there’s three huts then there’s this fake tree thing they can hide in there is also a bunch of cork bark they like to go in and there’s tons of plant coverage.
The head-on photo above really shows how symmetrically the bumps are spread. Though I don't know if this is even possible given frog anatomy, one possibility is that they're simply fatty deposits, which would be more likely if housed in an undersized viv. Do you have photos of the other frog?

I'd personally not remove the frog to a just-set-up enclosure. Stressing it out certainly isn't going to help it no matter what the issue turns out to be, and there's really no 'quarantining' to be done at this point if it is related to a pathogen.
Theses are some pics of the other frog I believe she is a girl as well however Iv always been kinda on the fence but it’s been three years and no babies so I’m assuming they are two girls. Poison has always been bigger than Pluto, I think they just came from different clutches where one had the genetics to be bigger. Joshes frogs now seems them in two sizes and I got them before they made that distinction.
could it have ingested some of the substrate?
If she's doing fine, more than likely she'll make it until a June appointment. Make the appointment with them if you haven't already, and just monitor until then. ER visits for animals is expensive. I know here at K-State vet hospital, it's $185 just to walk in the door, plus the cost of whatever treatments. I agree with them recommending you not report to the ER for this.
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts