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Bump this when you spend $200 or more on the Viv

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Not sure if this will catch on like it did in a few of my other hobbies, but its cool to see what people are doing

spent $50 on 3/16" acrylic and acrylic hindges :mad: i cant believe this crap is so expensive
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Lol I can find 50$ in the cracks of my couch.
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Grimm, I will be searching your couch on a regular basis!

My most recent order of some plants and such from one of the sponsors was over $50. I'm sure it will be the same at Hamburg...
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I remember buying $50 worth of leaves before. Where else on earth would you pay $50 bucks for leaves??? Stupid Magnolia trees!
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Spent $50 in gas just circumnavigating a 30mi radius at all the Lowe's & Home Depot's just looking for black silicone, strip lights, vinyl tubing, light diffusers, PVC tubing, Great Stuff, orchid moss, and more.
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Just received an order of various bags of leaves, black water extract, acrylic door pulls, and magnets... $70.
portable generator=300.00
window ac (thrift store)=80.00

thats just this week :p

i easily have 300$ into each viv before adding frogs.
$50 on a viv is nothing. That doesn't even cover the "water feature fee" as I call it.
$50 in bugs to seed cultures and ff's
Had a hard time rationalizing that one to the wife...
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Its easy to spend that on a ZooMed or other comparable tank, EMPTY. This isnt a cheap hobby. I've got like 500 plus worth of frogs alone, not to mention my plant obsession, which leads to me having expensive and rare plants, both in my yard and in tanks. Working at a specialty mail order nursery where the cheapest plant starts at 11 bucks doesn't help either..... About to drop some money tomorrow at the Repticon show in Charlotte.
Just got a tank and a light: $40 + $35 = $75

Long way to go :)
I bought an Exo Terra and varies supplies and plants at the New England Reptile Expo.. way over $50.
i think we should make a poll on how much people spend on their display tank just for poops and giggles. Personally im a really cheap person and only spent about 90 or so on my whole setup including frogs :p
Most recently? ~$60 on cork bark. Sometime yesterday.
I spent over $50 for large bags of clay (two kinds), a small can of montmorillonite clay, Turface infield conditioner, coco fiber, a sphagnum moss to make clay substrate. Since I couldn't get the Turface in quantities smaller than 50 lbs, I now have three large bags of substrate ingredients taking up room in the garage. :rolleyes:

Oh - how about this one - I spent more than $50 to ship a frog this week.
This week:
Just got in my new experimental "web control" timer this week....$150 bump....

Oh, and a piece of driftwood, at another $27....

Last week:
Paid the glass shop $25 for some drilling work...

Then there was the $35 to MistKing for some more parts....

My wife says she'll be glad if there's a week that I DON'T spend at least $50 on vivs/supplies/frogs....
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I second the wife being mad about spending money on leaves, feeder bugs, cork bark, rocks, rare plants, and 400 on frogs. Newest display tank will easily have $150 in plants, $60 in bark, $40 in drift wood, not counting anything else. Frogs are going. to be really expensive either blue or black jean pair. Lots of other expenses not listed. $70 spent this week alone on plants and leaves.
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Does anyone really expect me to bump this thread 50 some odd times? :p
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This is certainly not a a cheap hobby. I got into it expecting it to pay for itself maybe even make a few bucks but that has not been the case. This week it was $27 vert kit, $30 in abg mix, wood, ect. I will say if you stick in for a bit it is worth it. For me, it's relaxing to watch the frogs and fun to build the tanks.
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$156 on plants

9 Tillys
13 or so various broms (neos, guzmania, and vriseas)
Prayer plant
Wandering Jew
Peperomia obtusifolia
peperomia something
peperomia japonica
Columnea carnival
prayer plant
lemon button
some other stuff I haven't bothered to remember XD
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