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I have a 36"x18"x24" Exo Terra that I'm going to turn into a planted vivarium for dart frogs. I've done a TON of searches trying to find answers, but I'm not finding exactly what I need.
This is what I have so far: tubing, a small fountain pump that pumps water up to 2.5 feet, some filtering fibers I'm going to put into a pvc pipe to run water through, aquarium safe silicone, some egg crate and a lot of Styrofoam.
My first question is: is a mechanical (dirt and debris) filter enough, or will I need a chemical filter too?
With the things I have, I was going to run the filter and pump through the back of the waterfall, between the glass and Styrofoam. But now, I'm thinking maybe I should buy a small filter/pump to either put inside of the waterfall or have it outside of the tank.
Also, is there a quiet filter/pump you guys like to use? I want more of a trickle of water so I don't need anything high powered.
Any links to DIY waterfalls with plumbing ins and outs would be great!
And one off topic question: Are Oxalis Triangularis aka Purple Shamrocks safe for dart frogs?

This is my inspiration waterfall:
(Not done by me)


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