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BS people will do for a $

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So are you guys telling me there's not going to be any mad rush from DB members to get my line bred albino Varaderos dyed hot pink? Crap, there goes the last two years of my life.
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I was going for pink and black. With maybe a mosquito emblem. Redirect Notice (link works)
You know, as much as their product sucks, at least they have a product to sell - unlike some scammers on DB.

Oh crap, called out on my Pink Floyd morph before I ever made a sale! ;)
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No, Sid Barret has that market locked down. They definitely inspired my "The Wall" varaderos, though. ;)
Humans have designed tons of animals. All the food we eat (vegetables too), our pets, hunting animals and so on have been genetically engineered by us.

Not that dyeing is a good thing at all, but designing animals is a very good thing.
To a certain point, I'll agree with this. I think your dog curled up at your feet, or the cat on your lap would agree. We just need to know where to draw the line. Obviously, I am not really working a Pink Floyd dyed line of albino Varaderos. Sorry Zookeeper Doug!
I can remember when people were wearing platform shoes that were clear and had goldfish in them.. or clear plastic ties with fish in them.. and it was only about ten years ago, I saw a band where the lead guitar's body was clear plexiglass with fish swimming around in it...

Ed, I was trying to picture that, then I went back an re-read it. Lead guitar's body...not lead guitarist's body. Now I get it.
Actually they really haven't benefited since they typically have lost a huge portion of thier gene pool, have to deal with adaptation to captivity causing issues for the reintroduced populations.... The population still survives but it is not the same healthy population prior to the extinction event....

Some comments,

I don't think he means that they are better off than they were prior to the extinction event, but rather that since we screwed up and have brought them to the edge of extinction, they are better off now that we are belatedly trying to manage the population we have left.
And if you put wolves into the same conditions as domestic dogs, the wolves would have competition issues as the dogs would have the advantage. The road goes two ways particularly when you look at the genetics of the population which is something people don't tend to think about. Yes, people have screwed up breeds of dogs (morphs) by limiting thier genetic components but over all the genetic make-up of the domestic dogs is very robust and diverse where some subspecies of wolves have the same genetic issues as domestic dogs due to genetic drift, reduction in the population of founders and so forth..

That's an experiment I'll leave up to you, Ed. I'm thinking that I'd rather not have a pack of wild wolves in my living room! I'm going to take you word on it!
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