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broms going rotton?

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hi ive got a brom that is going brown in the middle

it has a fair bit of soil in it due to the frogs transfering it from the substrate to the brom...

what shoudl i do please?


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First thing I'd do is pullon one of the leaves in the axil area.When I have broms that look like that they pull out easily and they are dead at that point.
After I started using my misting system I noticed if I attached the broms with sphagnum by the roots they would die.I'm guessing the sphagnum was holding more then enough moisture and they were rotting from it.
Now, I have holes drilled into the corkbark and shove the stem of the brom into the holes and they start rooting alot better now.
I hope this helped some.
Mark W.
In addition to what Mark said, I've found that in general, the more light you give broms, the more rot resistant they become. You can grow many broms under fairly dim light but they are more particular about moisture under those conditions.
i have to agree with the "more light" theory. i have had broms rot at the root before in lower light conditions. cureently i have two broms (red bird and compacta, if i remember correctly) that are in saturated sphagnum moss. the moss is literally soaked all the time. they are right next to my water fall and water splashes in there all the time. they have been like this for 10 months now. the red bird has produced an offspring which is its same size now (~8"dia) and it has an offspring now also. they have grown right up to the glass top though. the compacta (i think) has doubled in size (~5" tall) and has an offspring that is now 5" tall. these two plants are constantly growing new leaves and both hhold their color very nice. ive got a few pics if you care to see them. they were purchased from vivarium concepts (or T & C) back in march. i oculd post a pic if any one wants (or if any one thinks they could id my mystery brom).

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if you have too much water near the "root" part of the brom, it will die.
they grow on tree branches and such in the wild, so planting it in soil is
risky. you need high draining soil. plus the company that you bought it
from should be able to solve your problem, if not, don't shop there again.

some broms have a root structure that is developing, that needs a bit of peat or other substrate but it can't be wet. just damp. others just have a sort of stick, which looks like it could be planted but it would be best to drill a hole in a branch, and then set it in place. wire some spag-peat around the base with fishing line for a while; until the roots start to take hold.

that and maybe stronger light, not sure what you have or how far the brom is from the lights. CF's at 10,000k are all i use now, but was using 5.0 and 8.0 flors for most tanks.

hope this helps.
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