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We've finally got some more Bromeliads in stock and on sale! It's been a tough summer so far with shipping in hot temperatures, but we've got some in now so get 'em while they're hot.

Neoregelia 'June Night'

Neoregelia (Lilliputiana X Fireball)

Neoregelia Olens Select

Neoregelia Fireball

Neoregelia 'Chiquita Linda'

Neoregelia 'Echo' - PUPS ONLY, this time around. For those that don't know - 'Echo' looks like THIS when it's full grown.

We've also got dozens of species of other vivarium suitable flora, of course. Bromeliads only make up a small fraction of our plant inventory. Check out our main plant menu for more.

We've also got Repashy's new Bug Burger in stock, which after using it for about a week now I can honestly say it works extremely well. We're using it with crickets & dubias, and both go nuts for it. Bug Burger is available in our insect food section.

In the week following the holiday we're adding a few dozen new supply items to the site, so keep an eye out. :)

For those who haven't ordered from us before - Check out our customer feedback. Kate and I promise you'll be satisfied with our company.

We'll be closed Monday for the 4'th, and opening as usual on Tuesday. Have an excellent holiday everyone!

-Mike @ NE Herpetoculture


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For the repashy bug burger, do you feed just that to the insects, or feed it along with other feed? How many insects can it feed for some period of time? Thanks
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