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I'm thinking of building a new cube paludarium around a cool piece of driftwood that I have lying around and am considering setting up the display as an open-topped tank. I'm not planning on having frogs in this setup but I would like some broms, orchids, tillandsias and other epiphytes.

Even with water in the bottom of the setup, the humidity will be a lot lower in an open topped tank. I imagine this will be fine for tillandsias. Any suggestions for mini orchids, broms and other epiphytes that would would do well in this setting?

Also, I know that many of these plants appreciate some air circulation in a more sealed viv. Would an open-topped setup provide enough passive air movement that additional fans are unnecessary?
The plants would still benefit from some air circulation. Passive air circulation doesn't always mean that all of the air will circulate so a small fan will really help with that issue.

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