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Frogs from the tropics have developed many unique ways to raise and develope there young because of the large # of different species all competeing for mating sites. The amount af amphibian diversity is alot stronger in tropical regions then it is in the states so,mass breeding sites in ponds that we are very familier with woldnt be very practical for that many amphians all breeding in the same waters. Frogs depositing tads in little pockets of water is just one of the many alternative ways for raising young frogs have developed tp compinsate. Some take tadpoles into there mouths and the tads develope into froglets right inside the vocal sack of the male. Others have pockets in there back tads are raised in. Others build foam nests to keep there eggs moist. And there is a species that builds a little hut out of mud to keep there eggs and tads moist and there are even species that uses straight development where the tad stage is completed within the egg and a fully developed froglet comes out of the egg.
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