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I too have recently have had some problems.

I have been told its from too much light and too much heat, but my friend from work (who is the florist manager) could be wrong.

I have two 55 w power compacts. My guzmania has browned leaf tips and the leaves are curling inward. I have another guzmania that looks abit faded and has browned tips.

I have not put a fan yet in the hood, so the heat from the lights makes the glass top hot.

I have a Vrisea too with red flowers. It is on the tank floor planted in a pot of orchid bark, shaded by the big guzmania with curled leaves. Only the flower bract has traces of brown tips, so it could be the heat or light.

The doors of the tank haven't been installed, so could it be humidity?

However, I have a more silvery green, stiffer bromeliad Jason Hupp sent me long ago that has begun to grow after months in a dark, moist tank. No traces of burned leaf tips.

The root ball of all the mounted plants is in shagnum, but it dries out daily. In fact, I'm always misting it with RO water to keep it from drying out too long.

Is it the light and heat? Should I just take them out? Can anybody suggest what bromeliads like high light, but don't grow huge? (My florist manager friend gave me a small pineapple plant too).
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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