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I have 6 brom packs available!!! All broms are grown by us and are adult broms. We do not sell pups. Some of these pups even have pups on them!! They are not on the website yet but will be tmw night. They are as followed:

Package 1
Quantity- 2
Price- $45
Neo Fireball

Neo Red Eye

Neo Cheers

Neo Sarah Head

Package 2
Quantity 2
Price- $55
Neo Amp. Tigrina

Neo Red Wait

Neo Wild Tiger

Neo ***************.jpg
Neo Lilipuntiana x Fireball

Package 3
Quantity- 2
Price- $40
Neo HL x Amp.

Neo Mo Pepper Please

Neo Tiger Cub

Neo Red Vulcan

Please pm me if interested and do not use my old paypal account...I have a new one!!! I will only ship one day per week due to my busy schedule and shipping is a flat $7 for the brom packs. Thx again for all the support and business.

Happy Frogging,
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