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I have been snooping around on the board for a few months now and have gotten the bug. I have been researching and collecting before I jump into my build. I found some brom's at wally world the other day and could not pass them up. They had the plants on sale for 5$ and each pot had 6-7 broms in it. I picked two different looking plants and was wondering if anyone had a good site that may help me ID each brom. The both look to stay pretty small ( at least I hope ) and botha have different leaf styles. One is short and stubby and the other is long and skinny. Neither are the really colorful broms but I figure they could fill in between any expensive broms that I will get later. Thanks again for all the info you all have helped me with by reading and thanks for any insight you may have on my question in advance.
Nice to chat with you all finally after being hidden in the shadows for so long.
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