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Very funny! :lol: :lol:

Some people seem to be able to get eggs from them every other week while others seem to be lucky to get them breed seasonally.
I was refering to this... I know.. I know.. I should've wrote it in plural.

But you might be right about the house temp... although my house is freezing in the morning and I doubt people in FL are having this problem.

I didn't really read the rest of your post but now that I have... I am speculating that normally they are breeding in season... I'd be interested to find out if Venezuela has 2 seasons: dry and rainy....

You mentioned about huge fronts.. which mean that the barometric pressure is changing... which is similar with what happen during the rainy season...

Similarly, misting heavily/adding new water might trigger their brain to think that it is a rainy season... time to get busy...

Do you know if the other people whose leuc breed all the time, have auto misting system? or routinely mist their tanks? You probably could coax them to think it's rainy season all year long. Well, given that they have good food, etc...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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