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Breeding D. auratus

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ok im new to the board and kinda new to the hobby. I ordered 4 darts in late march/early april and the guy didnt know how old the frogs were when he shipped them, ive had them 3 months and i believe that the frogs are old enough to breed. i have them seperated them into 2 10gal. tanks with coconut shells. I was just wondering what everyone thought or if they have any tips that could help and how to sex them. Thanks
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well, first off, before knowing if they can breed, you have to figure out if you have couples, a sorority or a fraternity :eek:

watch for the males calling, that means that they are ready to breed, as well as knowing that they are males =)
Are there size differences in them? my Costa Rican auratus are about an1 3/4" for the females and 1 1/4" for the males.Ben Green has a good pic of a males toes on his site What I was doing was feeding them very well and misting them about 2 times a day.Depeneding on your hearing, their call is best described as an electric razor running low on batteries,so a low buzz.
The female will chse the males stroking his back so if you don't hear calling that is a good indicator also.Whe either my males or females are "in the mood" they will wrestle some.I have a 2.2 in a 20 high now.
I hope this helps some, they are great frogs.Oh, try to get something to put under the hut in case you do have a pair such as a Pringles lid or petri dish.Good luck, they are great frogs.
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