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Hey All,
I was checking out some member websites and noticed I was very impressed with Rob's breeding cups. He has a clever method, I don't know if it is a new or old secret. If you look at Rob's tanks, he has a photo of some of his racks, and a misting system. In his thumbnail tanks he has some brreding cups. I have tried his idea and found it to be very successful.
1)Take a suction cup like you get at Michael's for hanging stuff on widows.
2)Pull off the hook attached to the suction cup.
3)Take a clear plastic pill cup like they sell at Rite-Aid or Wall-Greens. The ones that measure out tsp. They are about 3/4 the size od a film container but are tapered at the bottom.
4)Using some silicone of your choice dab a generous amount of some silicone onto the suction cup. I used clear silicone II like from Home Depot.
5)Slap the suction cup onto the pill cup.
6)Wait 24 hours and then use it.But heres the cool part. Place a second cup into the first which is stuck to where you put it. That way you can change cups at will and not have to move the original.
At the very least your thumbnails will have something else to play on. My retics seem to enjoy climbing on them more than anything else. I thought I would pass it on, I thought it was a cool idea, and Rob's website is worth checking out too.
Happy Holidays
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