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I am hoping someone can help me with getting my young azureus pair to resume breeding. I picked up a sexed pair of azureus from Patrick Nabors in August. They started laying eggs in early September and laid several clutches for about a month. The clutches were fertile from the start although many of the fertilized eggs didn't develop into tadpoles. I presently have 8 of their tadpoles that are beginning to sprout their hind legs. They shut down completely at the end of September and haven't resumed any breeding or courtship behavior. Nothing had changed in their husbandry that I can think of that would have caused them to stop breeding. They have also become much more secretive and have taken to hiding most of the time. A breeder friend of mine suggested that I separate them for a few weeks and also reduce the humidity and food intake during that time and then put them back together and increase the food and humidity to try to stimulate breeding. I have done that but to not avail. I was under the impression that, once you got a pair to start breeding, they would usually go on for several months unless there was some environmental factor that signalled them to cease breeding. I am also confused as to why they have taken to hiding most of the time now when before they were quite bold and visible during most of the day. They still feed well and are quite robust looking. I am supplementing regularly with repcal and herptivite as per Patrick's suggestion. Any tips anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.[/quote]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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