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Bratyboys 26 bow

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Okay okay I know I already started the journal of my 45 column but since I have yet to get it broke down and the fish moved I started the build on my bow that I have had sitting around forever now...

This was actually a mistake on my part as I saw the post about frog day(which im going still!!!!) and I thought the thing was in march( clearly not) do I quickly ran to the store to get my supplies to start building the tank so I could get some frogs when I got up there...

so here is where im at as of last night:

The tank

Some stuff that I gathered to play with...lace rock, mopani and malaysia wood and peat pots

The false bottom uncovered and then covered

Just a crappy mock up of how I would like the hardscape to look like (pots replaced with pvc pipe in gs to give more support)

And yes I will be having a small water feature in this tank.

I ordered the glass top for the will be in Friday

GS will be sprayed tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!
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Great start, I love bowfronts. I like how you set up the eggcrate, gonna be nice.

Actually just woke up...and its my day off so im going to start cutting my pvc and spray foaming away....i have an idea in mind of how I would like to make it and where I want planters...but I want to double check so I don't F it up :D
1 can down opening another one...
Well the foaming is done...waiting for it to dry now....
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And we are done! Just got to add more plants!
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I like it : ) good job on the hard scaping!

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Thanks! I really am impressed on how well it came going to place an order with alphaprobreeders and get some plants and pick them up when I get some cash...then ill add some leaf litter
What frogs are you thinking for this tank?
Small friend has a female p.escuado that he said I was more then willing to buy from him... He has had her for a couple months and she is just so pretty...i hope to pick up a male at the frog day show in may.

Got the waterfall running today!

Birds eye view

Going to add a small pile if river rocks to the bottom....need to get my leaf litter and spring trails in....
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Glass lid came in today! Yay!
looks good so far, I would like to see when its all grown in!
Ill post pictures the minute I get my broms and such attaching java moss in the tank now
Okay I have this brom and want to attach it but im afraid ill kill it if I seperate it to it ready?

I also bought this orchid from lowers on the discount rack and I want to attach it to the background is that a good spot for it?

Thanks for the help!
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Alright....i have this lemon fern planted in the tank and im not sure im liking it....any suggestions? Keep it? Move it?
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The brom pup looks a bit too small to separate but I'm not that experienced a plant keeper. I think I read you're supposed to wait till it's about 1/3 the size of the mother plant and has a stolon (or whatever you call the wood base) before separating it.
Nice find on the orchid but it looks like it might outgrow your tank. Again, I'm no expert.
As for the lemon fern, that's on you =) If you like it, keep it. If not, move it. I think it's fine as is but would also work off-center in one of the corners.
Well I don't think im adding the orchid. Lemon fern was moved, and I took the pup off the mother and put it in the tank anyway....only spent a buck on that brom and if I kill this one....i got a few more pups coming up.....
Well I got my plants today! Thanks to!

This is what I got!

Can I split the larger pup off this one now?

Here is everything in the tank right now minus the african hosta

Don't know that I like the floral pic mushrooms in here just yet...but ill wait and see

and here is the tank after a must be real humid because I did the mist about 5 hours I must be doing something right!

Thanks for looking!
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Looks great!


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