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It comes down to your intial outlay budget for the most part.

Up front led's are extremely hurtful to one's wallet but pay dividends in much reduced energy costs and lamp/ bulb/ fixture replacement costs and to some extent heat issues are also reduced because of the lower and much more efficiently utilized electricity.

CF lamps and T5's aren't nearly as painful intially, but the lamps should be replaced on an annual basis. The lamps do more of a punch lumen and efficiency wise than stand flourescent lamps.

Standard tube flourescent lamps and fixtures are much cheaper initially, but a fair portion of the used energy goes up into heat rather than usable light lumens. Technically the lamps significantly start to decay after six month point as far as intensity goes, as well.

It's kind of a juggling act as far as priorities go. If you're going to be build a permant display that it's not going to go though endless cycles of upgrade / change and your budget allows then led's might be the proper way to go. But if you're the kinda of person who's endlessly changing, expanding, reworking their collection it may indeed make more sense to the low(er) intial outlay systems.

Clear as mud, right?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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